Stress Management


Stress Management

77 percent of people in the United States experience physical symptoms caused by stress

As our lives become increasingly busy, we tend to pile on copious amounts of stress. As a matter of fact, stress is a mental health disorder that can actually cause physical symptoms. It’s actually estimated that 77 percent of people in the United States experience physical symptoms caused by stress.

While there are a wide variety of personal ways to deal with increased stress, a licensed psychologist like Dr. Vanessa Villacian Pages can help you when your stress levels rise to the clinical level. Not all stress is harmful; in fact, some stress can help you rise to the challenge and perform better, but extended periods of stress can cause deterioration in your body. This is because stress produces the hormones cortisol and adrenalin.

Each of these hormones can cause conditions like cardiovascular disease, blood pressure issues, muscle problems, and even some auto-immune issues. Dr. Villacian Pages is well versed in the problems that extended stress can cause because she’s been a licensed psychological practitioner for 18 years.

The most common causes of clinical stress can include relationship issues, lingering issues caused by a rocky childhood, professional dissatisfaction, major life changes, or experiencing recent life trauma. The job of a clinical psychologist like Ideal Medical’s Dr. Villacian Pages is to not only reduce your stress levels but to also teach you ways in which you can manage stress when it becomes an issue.

Some techniques that Dr. Villacian Pages might use to reduce your stress levels can include:
• Teaching you relaxation or meditation techniques.
• Helping you eliminate the unhelpful thought processes that can increase your overall stress levels.
• Helping you identify and change behaviors that might actually increase your stress.
• Helping you identify your stress triggers so that you know what is causing your bouts with stress.

In any situation, the stress management program at Ideal Medical is designed to help you quickly reduce the signs and symptoms of stress so that it can’t lead to more damaging psychical ailments. If stress is starting to really hold back your personal development, then come into Ideal Medical in Miami so that Dr. Villacian can consult you and set up a treatment plan that will help you better manage your stress.


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