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Sometimes, we need to be able to talk to someone when we are going through a particularly rough patch. Psychotherapy, which is also often referred to as talk therapy, is a great form of counseling that can help you cope with what’s happening in your life. It’s absolutely imperative that we learn to heal and this form of counseling can help you do that. This branch of counseling is best used when someone is having a hard time grappling with life difficulties. These types of difficulties can stem from relationship troubles, a difficult or traumatic childhood, a problem at work, or even a previously undiagnosed mental health issue. These struggles can have a genuinely damaging impact on your life and can cause a high level of unhappiness, so finding a specialist who can counsel you through these troubles is important.


Dr. Vanessa Villacian Pages is a board-certified psychologist who can help you heal through the use of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy, as a course of treatment, is used by millions annually, and most patients will tell you that it can have a genuinely positive effect on their lives and happiness. At Ideal Medical and at other practices that are licensed to provide psychotherapy counseling, patients will see the therapist on a weekly basis. In fact, most patients will only spend about 50 minutes to an hour with their therapist once a week, which is why the therapy is perfect for busy professionals.


When it comes to treatment duration, most successful psychotherapy programs only take a year or less. This is because modern psychotherapy has a wellness goal that’s well established at the beginning of a treatment. With this time-limited nature in mind, Dr. Villacian Pages will focus on helping you want the changes that you need to make in order to feel and actually be healthy.

Its important to understand that successful psychotherapy is dependent on the patient’s own desire to be healthy and make the needed changes. Without this desire, or without an open mind, the value of these types of treatments can be decreased and the ability for you to make the changes you need to improve your life can be hampered.


One of the best ways to get the ball rolling on your mental health is to get a consultation. Dr. Vanessa Villacian Pages is here to help you get the successful psychotherapy treatment you need, so give us a call so that we can help you achieve an integrated and peaceful mind and body.


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