Associated with Brain Injury or a Learning Disability

Ideal Medical provides neuropsychological services to those who have suffered brain-related issues that have resulted from developmental learning disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, or behavioral issues. Dr. Villacian Pages and staff are trained to administer services and tests that can ascertain treatment plans or provide referrals so that you can achieve the help that you or a member of your family may need.

At Ideal Medical, we provide outpatient neuropsychological services so that those who are recovering from traumatic brain injury can greatly benefit from our expertise. We also incorporate diagnostic testing, rehabilitation, and remediation treatment programs.

We understand that brain injuries can cause great shake-ups in a life. The overall experience can make a patient feel unsure, stuck in the unfamiliar, and generally upset at the changes that brain injury can cause. Our neuropsychology program is designed to help patients through this often difficult time and help them cope with the changes that brain injury can bring.

Additionally, neuropsychology services can be used for personal advancement as well. If you have an ambition that you feel is hampered by a cognitive habit or issue, you should come in for an evaluation with Dr. Villacian Pages. Understanding how you think is important in the way that you perform in educational and career situations. The science of Neuroplasticity is an aspect of neuropsychology and using it can help you advance your cognitive skills greatly.

Sometimes, as the result of conditions like a learning disability or brain injury, a child’s development can be significantly curtailed or impeded. As a result, these types of conditions must be identified and treated before the problems expand and cause even greater issues in adulthood.

At Ideal Medical, for each adolescent patient, Dr. Villacian Pages creates a neuropsychological profile that helps to better outline the conditions of a child’s level of cognitive function. During the creation of this profile, attention skills, intellect, memory, motor coordination, concentration, and language skills are all evaluated so that a dedicated treatment plan can be created that will help the youngster progress healthily through life.

During the neuropsychological treatment process, comprehensive care will be provided so that the patient feels supported. Typically, the result is that a child’s home, social, and community life will start to thrive. If you or your child is having issues associated with brain injury or a learning disability, call us for a consult or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Villacian Pages.


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