Mental Health Therapy


Mental Health Therapy

For Children, Teens, & Adults

At Ideal Medical, Dr. Villacian Pages and her staff here in Miami, Florida are equipped specifically to ensure that you feel mentally healthy. Mental Health Therapy helps patients achieve more balance in their lives and also helps people who are suffering from emotional and mental issues to become more balanced. Coping with serious mental illness is truly something that is seldom done without the support of others, which is why we at Ideal Medical are committed to providing you with the safety net that you need in order to feel more emotionally healthy. As mental health counselors, we will not only help you through talking about your issues, but we will also diagnose and treat your mental healthy illness as well. The range of our mental health services encompasses not just adults but teens as well.

Teens and Children
For a teenager, life can sometimes be very difficult. It’s a period of life where your body is changing, there are external factors in school and in the household that are stressful, and sometimes your emotions can seem like they are out of control. Dr. Vanessa Villacian Pages has 18 years worth of experience with both children and adults and understands some of the seemingly insurmountable stresses that can accompany adolescence.

The mental health therapy that she and her staff can provide at Ideal Medical can help a teen cope with depression or anxiety, eating disorders, cutting and self-harm, drug and alcohol abuse, PTSD, or any other issues that a teen might be facing.

Mental health therapy for adults is designed to fit into a person’s life as easily as possible. Dr. Villacian Pages understands that as adults, we aren’t always as happy as we’d like to be. As a result, poor emotional and mental health can have a cascading effect on our lives. What may start out as depression can snowball into more serious issues in what seems like a heartbeat.

With almost two decades of experience, Dr. Villacian Pages is willing and able to help her patients achieve a more healthy life. All it takes is a call. If either you or your teen has been experiencing depression or any of the other issues that we’ve covered here, call us for a consult. We are well experienced at helping adolescents and families alike.


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