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Sometimes, we need a bit of help when coping with a wide variety of issues that can range from weight problems to professional dissatisfaction. Fortunately, to help you with these issues, Ideal Medical and its founder, Dr. Villacian Pages, offers hypnotherapy, which is an excellent way to seek treatment for these types of issues.

Dr. Villacian Pages has been in practice for 18 years and speaks both English and Spanish so that her patients can be comfortable during hypnotherapy sessions. Hypnosis can definitely be used as a very effective treatment regimen that has been found to have many practical benefits for the 85 percent of people who can be hypnotized.

Currently, hypnotherapy can be used to help patients stop smoking or fight other chemical dependencies, it can help in stress management, it can also help eliminate lifelong phobias, and it can even help you cope with pain. As a matter of fact, hypnosis has even been used as a means to ease the pain of surgery when anesthesia has been ineffective. In addition to this, hypnotherapy is becoming one of the healthier ways for a patient to lose weight.

Did you know that we enter a trancelike state when we are falling asleep? While many people may actively avoid the trance state that comes with hypnotherapy, in truth, it’s very similar to the trance states that we undergo on a daily basis at bedtime.

This is why hypnotherapy is a great way for us to get in contact with the subconscious or our inner selves. It is actually our subconscious selves that many of our problems stem from, which is why addressing issues under hypnotherapy has become such an effective practice in the world of clinical psychology.

As a result of depictions of hypnosis in television and the movies, many people have a few misconceptions about the treatment. Here are a few truths about hypnotherapy:
• You cannot be forced to do anything that you don’t want to do when you are hypnotized.
• Hypnotherapy is a great way to find out what’s really happening because we aren’t always in touch with our subconscious selves.
• Suggestions imparted during hypnotherapy can go a long way in helping us kick habits that work against our wellbeing.
• During hypnotherapy sessions, you remain in control at all times.
• Hypnosis isn’t sleep; you can even move around.

If you’re interested in this type of treatment, give Dr. Vanessa Villacian Page’s office here at Ideal Medical of Miami a call.


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