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Behavioral Disorders and Family Therapy

Choosing the right psychologist is essential to creating better relationships within the family

When it comes to dealing with behavioral disorders in children and resolving issues within the family, choosing the right psychologist is essential to creating better relationships within the family. Working with children has unique set of challenges and it's important that your chosen psychologist is experienced in dealing with child-specific concerns. Dr. Vanessa Villacian Pages is a licensed clinical psychologist in Miami who has been working with patients for over 18 years. She is especially proud of her work with children who've experienced trouble with many different behavioral issues related to school and home life. She has helped many families achieve a sense of peace and happiness in their home through family therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Dr. Vanessa Villacian Pages is fluent in English and Spanish which allows her to provide care for many different patients. She works with children of all ages, to help them through issues at school or home and to provide ongoing therapy at reasonable rates. She works with families on issues like stress management and cognitive behavioral therapy with the ultimate goal of creating a better quality of life for patients and their entire families. When children experience behavioral problems, parents are often left wondering where to turn for help. This type of sensitive situation requires a psychologist who knows how to work with children and is capable of building trust with the entire family.

Family therapy can be beneficial for children who have been through issues at school like bullying or other school-related problems. It's also very helpful for families who have dealt with a crisis like a death or divorce. When the entire family comes together for therapy, the children and adults can learn better ways to communicate to help prevent future issues. Family therapy provides a safe place for everyone to talk about their issues within the family unit with a neutral party who can provide help. Dr. Vanessa Villacian Pages is experienced in helping families deal with many different concerns and she helps each family unit develop strategies in effective communication and management of stress and anxiety so that problems can be dealt with more effectively without causing excess strain on the family. Dr. Vanessa Villacian Pages has experience in treating depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and many more concerns in couples, families, children, and adults of all ages. She also works with patients on chronic disease management.


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