Adolescent Therapy


Adolescent Therapy

Can include Familial Issues, Abuse, Bullying, & Sexual Abuse

Anyone who has been through adolescence understands that it can truly be a difficult time of life. Youngsters have a veritable ton of pressures that seem to squeeze in on them as they progress through life. These can include familial issues, abuse, bullying, an undiagnosed learning disability, brain trauma, or even ongoing sexual abuse.

It’s tough being a kid, and sometimes, our teens need a bit of help to come out of their adolescent years with a healthy and well-adjusted mindset. During this period of life, social skills are being developed, emotional intelligence is growing, and we develop the skills that are needed to be content and happy with our own lives. This is why it’s important for adolescents who are struggling to seek the help of a therapist. Dr. Vanessa Villacian and her staff here at Ideal Medical of Miami understand that some of the behavioral, learning, or emotional issues that some teens struggle with can stem from a need to see a therapist.

Not only is she well-versed and understanding of the needs of adolescents, she’s also an 18-year veteran when treating depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and any other issues that a youngster may be dealing with. In addition to this, Dr. Villacian is fluent in both English and Spanish so that bilingual and unilingual families can feel comfortable consulting with her.

Each treatment under our adolescent therapy service type is designed with the goal of finding solutions to any issue that your child may have. Additionally, the goal of Dr. Villacian’s treatments is to provide help not just for the child but for the entire family as well.

She understands the needs of Florida’s families and wants to provide value for all of her patients, especially the younger ones who may be struggling. Adolescent therapy focuses on the child, but sometimes parents and their children will need to attend therapy sessions together where the session will serve as a safe space where any emotional or mental issue can be addressed healthily and safely. Contact us here at Ideal Medical so that we can set up a consultation with Dr. Vanessa Villacian Pages.


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