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Achieve an integrated and peaceful mind and body with Ideal Medical in Miami, FL.
She provides you with extensive neuropsychological testing and 

Step into a healthier and more rewarding future with the help of Dr. Pages. She offers you patient-focused hypnotherapy and relaxation training.

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Monday to Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
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Proudly Serving Miami, Florida

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Turn to Dr. Pages of Ideal Medical in Miami, Florida, when you need comprehensive psychological services and disease treatment plans. She is a licensed clinical psychologist fluent in English and Spanish. Dr. Pages is also a hypnotherapist and a registered supervisor in the state of Florida. In business for more than 18 years, she takes pride in offering top-quality care at highly competitive rates. With ther extensive experience in the field, she offers attentive treatment for all your needs.

Dr. Vanessa Pages is a Miami psychologist that offers a wide array of psychological services to clients who are in need of therapy. She is a devoted Miami therapist that treats a variety of behaviors such as stress management, depression, addiction therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. As a Miami psychologist, Dr. Pages understands the value in her clients and offers specialized psychological services with quality care and reasonable rates. She is a licensed Miami therapist that has more than 18 years of experience and can speak fluent in English and Spanish. As a clinical psychologist and Miami therapist that has experience with many different treatment options, Dr. Pages provides both stress management as well as cognitive behavioral therapy. Dr. Vanessa Pages, a Miami psychologist also offers treatments for disorders, trauma and addiction therapy for some of her extensive psychological services. Contact Dr. Vanessa Pages today and consult with a leading clinical psychologist.

Dr. Vanessa Pages is a certified Miami psychologist who specializes in anxiety, couples counseling, eating disorders. She is a local Miami clinical psychologist that has been assisting the well-being of others for many years as therapist. Dr. Vanessa Pages works directly with each individual to ensure the best form of treatment. A Miami therapist is a great way to express your feelings without judgment. Dr. Pages takes pride in her work and understands that anxiety, addiction therapy and marital counseling are everyday issues for most. As a Miami psychologist for over decade she is here to assist you and guide you to right state of mind. Seeking a Miami clinical psychologist is something that should be looked at as taking a step toward a better life. Miami clinical psychologists can help you rebuild your life in many ways. A Miami therapist is sometimes all someone needs. When contemplating suicide, a Miami therapist will help you to understand your value in this life. Before considering divorce, call a Miami clinical psychologist for couples counseling and save your marriage today. If you are suffering from an eating disorder and do not know where to turn, call a Miami psychologist. Your mental well-being matters as much as your health and it is important to live a happy life. Dr. Vanessa Pages is your Miami psychologist for all your needs.

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